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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Allure of the Library Ladder

Library LADDERS date back to the Victorian era.  The grand homes of this period had lavish libraries, filled with rich, dark wood, and impressive collections of leather bound books that spanned from floor to ceiling.

Even today, the idea of a home library has enduring appeal.   Library LADDERS add the character and charm reminiscent of earlier times.       

The rolling LADDER in this space serves a utilitarian purpose, but it's presence is befitting of the room's traditional and elegant style.

A black library LADDER rests against stark white shelving, adding depth and dimension in the corner of this fabulous and formal reading area.
Bookcases span the entire back wall in this sitting room.  The rolling LADDER can be repositioned along its track to easily access even the highest shelves.

A space dedicated to decorative display can still benefit from the addition of a library inspired LADDER.   Clever brackets eliminate the need for a rolling track.

This kitchen takes full advantage of its soaring ceilings. The upper cabinetry is accessible by the charming addition of a slender LADDER  that tucks away in the corner when not in use.

Library LADDERS are functional and fabulous.  They optimize vertical living space, while adding the warmth and personality characteristic of days gone by.

A home needn't to be large in scale to house a small nod to the past.  If your space could benefit from a taste of history, the library LADDER is a modest addition with a grand presence.

5 Reader Comment(s):

Pam - diy Design Fanatic said...

Both beautiful and practical!

⚜ ↁℯℬℬᴵℰ⚜ said...

I love these looks and would love to have a room like this. Thanks for your sweet comments. Sorry I do not get around like I would like to sometimes. I read all my comments and appreciate every single one.

A Delightful Design said...

These rooms are so rich and luxe looking. What a beautiful post! The only one I'm not crazy about is a ladder in the kitchen. But sign me up for the rest!

Maria Killam said...

Gorgeous rooms, I was going to add a library ladder to my bookshelves but then because I could reach the top shelf, thought it really didn't make any sense, but I loved the idea!
Fun post!

Carol said...

Newver would have thought of this on my own I love the idea of the reminds me of the movie my Fair Lady

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